We provide professional interpreters for:

simultaneous interpretation

(the interpreter interprets into the target language in real-time, as the speaker delivers their speech)

consecutive interpretation

(the interpreter interprets into the target language after the speaker has paused or finished speaking)

chuchotage or whispered interpretation

(the interpreter interprets into the target language in real-time, whispering it to the client)

Workshops, shows, meetings, conventions and other events are excellent opportunities for strengthening relationships with foreign clients, showcasing new techniques, product and colour ranges, and above all… selling.

This is why everything at these events has to be perfect: from event organisation through to hospitality and the schedule for the day.

But what can happen sometimes?

Attention is paid to every last detail (after all, we all know that good part of a company’s turnover depends on these events), but one key thing ends up being overlooked: who will convey the message.

Choosing an interpreter to convey the message into your foreign client’s native language is one aspect that should never be underestimated as it is the interpreter who gives your company a voice.

If the interpreter uses an incorrect term or is unable to correctly translate a technical industry term, the client will not attribute the lack of professionalism to the translation agency, but to your company.

You don’t want this to happen, not least because, as we all know, when too many puzzled looks start to appear on client’s faces, the outcome is sadly predictable: they don’t trust you and won’t purchase from you.

This is why the choice of interpreter is a great responsibility for the organiser, and for the Marketing Department in particular.

A responsibility we are happy to share, by sourcing the best interpreters, all with specialist knowledge of industry terminology.

To ensure a perfect translation experience for your clients, we provide the following guarantees:

 We translate into your clients' mother tongue.

Although English is the most widely used international language in business, you have to take into account that some clients may not understand it. If you don’t have an interpreter who speaks your clients’ languages you could lose those clients, something which some companies have already experienced. This occurs all the more frequently when it is your company that travels abroad as the foreign client expects you to speak their language!

 We provide you with interpreters who are native in the source or target language

It may sound obvious, but it isn’t: some translation agencies provide interpreters who speak both the source and target languages, but are native speakers of a third language (for example, to interpret Danish into Italian, they provide you with a Romanian interpreter who speaks Italian and Danish, but is fluent in neither).
The interpretation provided, especially when it comes to specific vocabulary and industry terminology is clearly of a different calibre.

 We specialise in every aspect of technical Hair & Beauty industry content

At many events, such as workshops, the interpreter acts as mediator between the stylists/beauticians and foreign clients, and between the stylists and beauticians delivering the treatment and the model receiving it.
Mastery of industry-specific terminology presents the organiser with the utmost professionalism, without any stuttering and stumbling, which would make the demonstration appear improvised and ill-prepared.

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