About us

My name is Katiucha Boncompagni and I am the Founder and Director of We Translate Beauty, Italy’s only niche translation agency for the Hair & Beauty industry.

In 2014 I decided to leave the general translation market, a market in which all agencies provide services for all industries (medical, pharmaceutical, legal, tourism, insurance, food, etc.), and to focus my business on a niche translation sector: the Beauty industry.

What made me do this?

Hair & Beauty terminology is as fascinating as it is complex to translate due to the vast amount of technical jargon.

If your content falls into the hands of an agency unfamiliar with industry terminology, you run the risk of receiving a translation that isn’t faithful to the original text, or worse still, a bad translation.

A translation that defeats the very purpose of investing good money in captivating content to sell your products.

This should not and must not happen, which is why I decided to create Italy’s only niche translation agency for the Beauty industry.

Many top Hair & Beauty brands rely on us to maintain their reputation abroad through our translations.

Our industry experience and strong focus on customer service
have allowed us to achieve a customer satisfaction rating of:

97,6 %

Want to find out how we can help boost your company’s foreign market sales?


We recruited globally to create our small team of experts.

Different people, with different cultural backgrounds who live on opposite sides of the planet, but work together to provide expertly crafted translations for the beauty industry.

Why you should choose us over just any Translation Agency

Industry terminology

We are fluent in the language of Hair & Beauty as it’s a language we speak every day.

We successfully convey every technical term and every language nuance so you can reap the benefits of your investment in product communication.

Flawless translations

We never use novice translators (let alone machine translation!)

All our translators are certified, mother-tongue professionals with at least five years’ experience.

Words that sell

When we translate, we choose words that convey emotion.

Our main focus is ensuring your communication is effective and helping you to increase sales — in all languages.

Want to find out how we can help boost your company’s foreign market sales?

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